Home Inspection Report Template

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Some inspectors will present you with a handwritten checklist immediately after the completes his look around. The checklist is the most ineffective means of conveying the volume of information involved in a home inspection. 

It is convenient to have a report in your hand at the end of the inspection, but the convenience limits the descriptive condition of the report. The on-site report does not give the inspector time to print your pictures, bind the report, proof-read for errors, and especially, to research any finding he may have questions about.

For these reasons, we will give you a brief verbal report immediately following the inspection.  The inspector will then take his notes and pictures back to the office to prepare your final report.  This gives the inspector time to evaluate his notes and pictures to give you the most thorough report possible. 

4 Home Inspection Report Templates:

DIY Home Inspection Template – http://www.cmjengineering.com/images/DIY_Home_inspection.pdf

Editable Home Inspection Report Template – Download For Free

Sample Home Inspection Report – http://www.kidmoses.com/main/ckfinder/userfiles/ufs1/files/software/Inspection%20Report%20-%20Sample.pdf

Free Home Inspection Checklist – http://www.accuchex.ca/doc/free-home-inspection-checklist.pdf